Our Approach to Content Creation

At Growth Zone Media, we take a different approach to content creation. To us, it is not just about words on a page, but It is about YOUR brand and YOUR business. That is the reason why we take a personalized approach and get to know you, your brand, and your target audience.

Every article, bio, product description, or ebook is designed to enhance your brand and let the personality of your business shine. We want to know your goals for the content before we write the first word on the page. 

We offer two different types of services. If you already have a content plan and have done the research on your keywords, we can write your article optimizing for the keywords that you request. If you are new to SEO and blogging, or you don’t want to do the keyword research yourself, we will be happy to do it for you. 

We use three different sites to do keyword research to get the best keywords that will consistently rank for your category. We analyze competitor sites to explore their strategies, and we think of ways to do it better. When you order researched articles, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on before the first word is written on the page. 

We intend to give you something that is right for your needs. Our writers are both SEO content writers and experienced copywriters. The purpose of standard SEO writers is to inform. The purpose of copywriting is to drive clicks and to aid in purchase decisions.

We can create articles on both sides of the spectrum, or we can create articles that are somewhere in the middle. We can gently guide your page visitor to the right decision rather than turning them off with a hard sell. 

We believe that all content should provide value beyond a sales pitch. Some companies write purely for search engines and crawlers. While this will get people to visit your site, the awkward wording that this approach sometimes produces will not make them want to stay.

We strive to deliver content that will attract people to your website and give them reasons to stay. Although it is AI that brings visitors to your page, it is the humans who actually read it that purchase your products and services. We write for humans, not robots, always. 

At Growth Zone Media, we believe in becoming fully invested in the companies that we serve. We don’t consider you to be our customers or clients, but see you as our partners in building something great together. 

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