We offer services to help you achieve your business goals. Our services include:

Article and Guest Post Writing

Enterprise Blogger and Managed Services

Website Basics and Business Startup Packages

Business and Personal Bios

Product Descriptions

All Our Services Are:

Written by Native English Speaker: A majority of our clients are in the United States. All of our writers must be native speakers of U.S. English.

Evergreen unless otherwise requested. Unless you inform us otherwise in the description, all of your content will be evergreen.

Follows AP Stylebook. We follow AP Stylebook, except for their elimination of the Oxford comma. We use the Oxford comma for clarity. If you have an internal stylebook, we will be happy to use it instead.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checked. All of our content is plagiarism-free according to Copyscape software. We don’t do spun articles, period. Every piece is well-researched and provides value.

Premium Software Checked. Every piece of content goes through several layers of editing. We use premium AI software to catch those mistakes humans sometimes miss. It is an extra pair of eyes to make sure that we provide quality content.

Human Editing Checked. Once the piece has been checked with software, a human being gives it a final look. Both AI and humans have their shortcomings, which is why each piece goes through several layers of editing before being presented to you.

Follows SEO Best-Practices. You will never find the “wall of words” in our writing. We break everything up using H2 headlines, short paragraphs, use bulleted lists, make it scannable, and friendly for viewing on all devices.

SEO Optimized. Every piece is SEO optimized using SEO Best Practices. This means that you will find keywords in the first paragraph, last paragraphs, and in as many H2 titles as possible. We know how to get your article to rank.

Keyword Density. We use white hat SEO practices, which means that we do not keyword stuff. We keep keyword density to between 1-3%.

Voice and Branding. Our writers are versatile and will do their best to match the voice and branding on the webpage that you provide as an example. Please let us know of any preferences you have regarding tone and voice.

Locally Relevant Geo tagging, if requested. If you want to drive local traffic, we can customize your content to feature local keywords, locations in your service area, or other geo-tagging that you request.

Unique SEO-Friendly High-Click Title. If you have a preferred title, we can certainly use it. If you want us to generate one, we use software to make sure that it is Google-friendly.

Delivered as a Word Document. All of our work will be delivered to you as a .docx document using Microsoft Word.

Work for Hire. All of the content that we create for you is work for hire. Once payment and acceptance are complete, the copyright transfers to you. Our content is ghostwritten for you to do with as you wish.

Let Us Know What You Want. When you place an order, let us know if you prefer to use 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person. We can use any or all of them. Let us know anything that you want us to know about our target market or tone. For instance, do you want something casual, formal and professional, or a little on the humorous side. We will do our best to meet your needs.

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