Problogger Packages and Managed Content Services are designed for those who want to build a content strategy to improve on-page SEO and build traffic to the site. You get white-glove service with this package, and we do the work for you. We find out your goals, then we get to work doing keyword research, topic creation, and develop a content calendar that works for you and will help you reach your goals. We use per-project pricing rather than charging by the hour to keep our services affordable to small to medium businesses. Here are the services that we offer under our Problogger and Managed Services clients.

Website On-Page SEO Content and Competition Audit

If you already have a website, we provide consulting services to let you know how  you stack up to your competitors. We give you suggestions to improve your on-page SEO drive more traffic. You will understand the keywords your audience uses to search for services like yours, and we will provide you with a list of keywords that you might want to add to your content.

 If we see in any gaps in your content, we will point that out. We will let you know about anything we see that might be turning your customers off that could be improved. It includes analysis of 5 competitor sites.

Disclaimer: This package does not include analysis and audit of backend and site development items that affect SEO. It only includes on-page SEO and is limited to small business sites with under 10 pages of content. It you need something larger, contact us for a quote. 

Our goal is to provide small businesses an affordable option, and for that reason, we do not delve into analytics such as conversions or deep user behavior analytics. You would need to hire a full-service digital marketing agency for that level of information. A full audit of this type of full audit takes anywhere from 10-30 hours and can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000, or more. Our only goal is to help you improve your On-Page SEO and content and keep it affordable to promote local businesses like yours.

Price – $480 

Content Plan and Calendar Creation

Our professionals will work with you to develop a content plan and calendar that works for you. You can purchase these services with or without consulting services. This is an excellent package to add to a web-starter package.

A content plan includes topic creation related to your keywords and a scaffolded plan to create an overall keyword density. Then, we will suggest articles of various lengths and develop a posting calendar for adding the content. We have packages available that offer discounts when you combine Problogger and Managed Content services.

Our plans are based on two 500-word article posts per week and include research for 10 keywords. You can select the number of months to include in the plan. The articles themselves are not included in this plan, only the topics, titles, keyword targets, geo-tagging, to be included for whomever writes the final article.

Our pricing includes discounts for longer content calendars. You can copy and paste them, and your web content is finished for the year.

Premium Content Creation – Bulk Premium Articles

The next step is to put the plan into action. We can create content according to your needs and content plan. We do the keyword research for all articles. This plan includes discount pricing the more articles you order. If you only want a few premium articles and not necessarily an entire plan, this is the right option.

Every Article includes:

  • 2 free revisions
  • Article references upon Request
  • Free HTML tags, if requested
  • References, upon request
  • Up to 5 keywords researched by us (1 Primary, 4 Secondary)
  • Includes researching 2 longtail keywords
  • Includes geotagging
  • Meta Title
  • Five Meta Tags
  • Meta Description
  • 1 Copyright free image to illustrate your article (delivered as a jpg by email)
  • Up to 5 free internal links (you must provide linking URL, or tell us where you would like us to link from on your website) or describe it (i.e. appropriate service page)
  • All articles are 500 words long
  • Standard Turnaround 15 business days or less
  • This pricing has built-in discounts the more articles you order

Problogger Plus Packages

This package is our best package. It is the whole enchilada. With this option, you receive full content consulting services. You have a dedicated content consultant assigned to your account. You receive personalized attention, an analysis of your website, and extensive research. We will work with you to develop a content strategy that matches your goals and your brand. These are services that other companies only offer to larger companies and corporations.

It includes all of the content written for you and ready to copy and paste. Packages are available for one month, one year, or anything in between. Once you have an active content plan with us, you can contact us to modify it at any time. If you want to add on more articles, you can tell us what you want and we will add them onto the plan.

This package comes with everything in the Website On-Page SEO Audit and Consulting Package, Content Plan and Calendar, and eight premium articles per month. It comes with a lot of perks, like a free 1,000-word article per month, and content targeted toward your target audience and brand. It is an excellent value, considering everything that comes with it. You can choose the length of plan for the content calendar.

Every Article includes:

  • 2 free revisions per article
  • Article references upon Request
  • Free HTML tags, if requested
  • Up to 5 free internal links per article (you must provide linking URL, or tell us where you would like us to link from on your website) or describe it (i.e. appropriate service page)
  • Meta Title per article
  • Meta Tags (five) per article
  • Meta Description per article
  • 1 Copyright free image to illustrate each article (delivered as a jpg by email)
  • Standard Turnround – delivered in batches on either the 1st of the month or 15th of the month, depending on when the order is placed.
  • Topic Creation
  • Content strategy and Calendar Development
  • Personal consultant and account manager for your content
  • Standard Articles are 500 words long
  • Keyword research
  • Location-Specific Keywords
  • Competitor site analysis
  • Content targeted to your audience and brand
  • Analysis of up to three competitor websites
  • 1 FREE 1,000-word article per month
  • Custom Scheduling and Style Guide Creation