Enterprise Blogger Packages and Managed Content Services are designed for those who want to build a content strategy to improve on-page SEO and build traffic to the site. You get white-glove service with this package, and we do the work for you. We find out your goals, then we get to work doing keyword research, topic creation, and develop a content calendar that works for you and will help you reach your goals. We use per-project pricing rather than charging by the hour to keep our services affordable to small to medium businesses. Here are the services that we offer under our Enterprise Blogger and Managed Services clients.

Enterprise Blogger Packages

This is our set-it-and-forget it solution. We offer packages ranging from 1-12 months. When you order this package, we can send all of your articles at once, so all you have to do is copy and past them into your website and preschedule them to post. Your blog is done for the time period you choose.

Every Article includes:

  • 2 free revisions per article
  • Article references upon request
  • Free HTML tags, if requested
    • References, upon request
  • Includes geotagging
  • You can choose the number of articles you want per month.
  • You can select the length of articles you want up to 750 words
  • We can use topics and a content calendar you already have or help you develop one to reach your goals
  • Orders are fully customizable to your needs
  • You can order all your content in advance with one simple form
  • If you have articles in a spreadsheet or document already, all you have to do is upload it, and we can take it from there.